With Newcon Optik’s new NC Cronus app, users can now communicate with our laser rangefinders, control them remotely, and retain any measurement information onto a portable device! Compatible with any of Newcon’s USB/Bluetooth-equipped Laser Rangefinders, our Android™-based NC Cronus app allows real-time target data acquisition on mobile phones and tablets. When connected to a Newcon Optik LRF via a wired cable (LRF Smart Cable) or by Bluetooth™, users will have full control over the LRF device including all customized settings and built-in calibrations.


Click button below to download NC Cronus app:

The NC Cronus app displays the current measurement mode and measurement results, as well as other key information including*:

  • LRF model
  • Ready status
  • Battery status
  • LRF software version
  • Current magnetic declination (LRM 3500M and SPOTTER LRF PRO)
  • Operation Mode
  • Gating distance
  • Target type
  • Dial compass which adjusts based on target direction

The following measurement modes are fully supported* via the app:

  • DAI: Distance, Azimuth and Inclination
  • D: Distance
  • AI: Azimuth & Inclination
  • LH: Length and Height
  • ΔDAI: Difference in Distance, Azimuth and Inclination between two targets
  • ΔLH: Difference in Length and Height between two targets
  • MY GPS: User’s GPS coordinates (for LRFs with internal GPS)
  • TAR GPS: Target GPS coordinates (for LRFs with internal GPS)

In addition to full support for measurement modes described above, the NC Cronus app allows* users to:

  • Recall the last 10 measured targets
  • Change units of measurement (degrees/mils, meters/yards)
  • Set and adjust the device’s magnetic declination
  • Conduct compass calibrations
  • Conduct distance calibrations
  • Set Gating distances
  • Adjust target type (First, Last, Auto)
  • Activate various LED reticles
  • Adjust auto shutoff duration
  • Run onboard Self-Tests
  • Screenshot and save displayed information
  • Control multiple LRF devices on a single app (LRFs are identified by model and serial number)


  • Android OS 6.0 and higher.
  • Device with 4.0 (BLE) Bluetooth and higher.

*The app functionality is limited by the particular LRF operating modes and features. It does not add any extra functions.

Click button below to download NC Cronus app: