All optical parts in high-end Newcon Optik devices are made of fully multi-coated glass using precise machinery of well-known brands. The main distinguishing feature of our daytime optics is the usage of fast glass lenses.

Our professional binoculars are in service with many militaries throughout the world. All binocular models are very durable and can work when competing brands fail. Optional lenses, that are sold separately extend the functionality of our devices. Spotting scopes and telescopes delight nature lovers.


  • HDS 3x Magnifier

    The HDS 3x Lens magnifying unit is specially designed for the M-4, M-16, SCAR light / heavy and various other
    types of rifles for maximum flexibility and increased performance in the field.

    The HDS 3x Lens can also be mounted behind the HDS 3AA or NC 1×21 holographic sights.

    The HDS 3x Lens is an ideal unit for military personnel, law enforcement. Fits to all MIL STD 1913 Picatinny rail systems. The unit also utilizes a quick release feature to swiftly flip the magnifier out of view and resume using standard RDS or Holo sight.

    The HDS 3x Lens magnifier offers an excellent eye relief data.

  • TACT 3-S Tripod

    The TACT-3S Model Tactical Tripod was selected by the US Army and US SOCOM for use in their ground target location systems. The TACT-3S is “amagnetic” and will not adversely influence any sensor device equipped with a digital magnetic compass. The TACT-3S is a rugged combat proven field tripod platform with a terrain-leveling gimbal that allows the user to adjust the position of the optical device for uneven terrain.

    This tripod is for use with a wide range of high magnification field optics, laser range finders, thermal cameras and night vision devices. The TACT-3S weighs approximately three pounds, has a versatile tripod head with a detachable base plate, multi-section mast, and a wide stable tripod base. The mast can be detached from the tripod base and used with an internal stored ground spike as a monopod. Constructed of high-strength, lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum alloys, the TACT-3S deploys quietly and provides rock solid stability. This field tripod design allows shooters to use field optics comfortably from the prone to sitting positions.

  • Anti Reflection Filter

    Anti-reflection filter for LRB 4000CI, LRB 6000CI, NC 6×50, NC 4×32 and HDS 3AA.

  • NVS Cam/Video

    Connects monoculars to video and still cameras.

  • NVS U Coupler

    NSN#: 5855-20-011-6791
    NVS U Coupler is a clamp-on mechanical adapter with flip-out feature that provides the ability to attach a night vision monocular (PVS 14) or goggles (PVS7/NVS7) to various tactical daytime equipment such as Laser Range Finders, Spotting Scopes, Stabilized Image Binoculars, Weapon Scopes, etc.

  • HDS 3AA Hard Case

    These MIL-SPEC hard cases can hold your HDS 3AA comfortably and securely.

  • NC 4×32 Hard Case

    These MIL-SPEC hard cases can hold your NC 4×32 comfortably and securely.

  • LAS 1000 Hard Case

    These MIL-SPEC hard cases can hold your LAS 1000 comfortably and securely.

  • NC 6×50 Hard Case

    These MIL-SPEC hard cases can hold your NC 6×50 comfortably and securely.

  • SPOTTER LRF Hard Case

    These MIL-SPEC hard cases can hold your SPOTTER LRF or SPOTTER LRF PRO comfortably and securely.


    Hard water proof military standard cases.
    These high grade hard cases can hold any of your thermal devices, night vision systems, laser range finder systems as well as other tactical devices along with all their accessories comfortably and securely.