The LRB 6KNIGHT is built to outperform any handheld laser rangefinder binocular available today. Packing a virtually endless set of performance features into a MIL-SPEC form factor, the LRB 6KNIGHT can handle anything professional operators can throw its way. A 6,000 metre (NATO target) measuring range, built-in digital magnetic compass, and a crystal-clear LED display are combined into an invaluable force multiplier.

The LRB 6KNIGHT requires virtually no maintenance and very little operational training. Through USB and RS-232 interfaces, the LRB 6KNIGHT can be operated remotely, have its stored data exported, and communicate with external GPS systems and ballistic computers. Users can now communicate with the LRB 6K using Newcon Optik’s new NC Cronus app.

This device is compatible with: bluetoothcompatible Android™  NC Cronus™

6,000 metre measuring range
Built-in digital magnetic compass
USB and RS232 interfaces
Android Compatible
Easy to use
Magnification (x), day/night 7/5
Objective lens diameter (mm) 42
Field of view (°), day/night 6/7
Eye relief (mm) 20
Diopter adjustment range ±5
Interpupillary distance (mm) 58 – 72

Eye safety

Class 1, eye-safe

Wavelength (nm)


Measuring distance capability (m)*


Distance measurement accuracy (m)


Azimuth measurement accuracy (°) ±1

Inclination measurement accuracy (°)


Speed detection


First/last target logic


Gating capability

100-5,500 m

Gating step (m)


Night vision channel
Detection to a human-sized target at 1/2 moon conditions (m) 500
Image intensifier tube (IIT) Gen. 3
Photocathode material GaAs
Auto-gating Optional
IIT resolution, min (lp/mm) 64
Photocathode sensitivity, min @ 2856°K (μA/lm) 1,800
System resolution (night), min (cycles/mrad) 3.5
Speed detection

Measured speed range (kmh / mph)

0-400 / 0-200

Accuracy (kmh / mph)



Measured azimuth range (mils/°)

6,400 / 360

Accuracy (°)



Measured elevation range (mils/°)

±1,600 / ±90

Accuracy (°), RMS at level


Mechanics, Electronics & Environmental

Dimensions (mm)


Weight without batteries (g)


Tripod-mountable Yes

Power Supply

1 x CR5 Non-Magnetic

Battery life (# of measurements)


Operating temperature range (°C)

-25 to +60

Storage temperature range (°C) -40 to +60
Waterproofing MIL-STD-810G

*2.3×2.3m NATO standard target