Thermal Imagers allow one to see the smallest gradation in surrounding objects’ temperatures regardless of external light conditions. With the help of Newcon Optik Thermal Imagers, you can find a human under snow avalanche, notice a foe behind a bush, detect bad contact in a high-voltage line, and do much more.


  • TVS 11M(640)

    TVS 11M-640 is the next generation of Newcon Optik’s field-proven thermal imaging product line. Designed as a multipurpose thermal imager, the extremely lightweight and compact TVS 11M-640 can be deployed handheld, helmet or weapon-mounted configuration. Using a state-of-the-art uncooled thermal sensor, the TVS 11M-640 delivers incredibly clear images while achieving continuous operation of over 4 hours.

    The TVS 11M-640 is fully MIL-SPEC and features a built-in 2x and 4x digital zoom which can be paired with an optional 2x A focal magnification lens for enhanced distance performance. With video-output as a standard feature, internal video/photo recording and a built-in IR laser pointer, the TVS 11M-640 is the ideal thermal monocular for military, police, and search & rescue applications.

  • TVS 11M

    The TVS 11M tactical thermal monocular is the next generation of Newcon Optik’s tried and tested thermal monocular series. As a lightweight and compact handheld, helmet or weapon mounted device, the TVS 11M is well suited to a variety of tactical, law enforcement, search and rescue and industrial applications. The TVS 11M utilizes passive infrared sensing technology, allowing users to detect extremely small differences in the temperature of objects, people and other heat sources within the field of view, plus an integrated laser for target designation.

    Unlike traditional night vision devices, the TVS 11M can be operated 24 hours a day, in daytime and at night, even in the total darkness of an enclosed space, has the ability to see through smoke, fog and other obscurants, boasts a variety of colour and contrast settings and digital zoom capability. The TVS 11M can also be connected to external display devices allowing other parties to view the observed image in real time.


  • NVS H Mount

    The NVS H Mount is a metal helmet mount for attaching NVS 14 Night Vision Monoculars or NVS 7 Night Vision Goggles to a standard PASGT infantry helmet. The NVS H Mount fits securely onto a PASGT helmet via a rugged strapping device and grooved hooks. While attached to the helmet mount, a night vision device can be positioned directly in front of the operator’s eyes or flipped up. The NVS H Mount is the only mount of its type compatible with NVS 14.

  • NVS S Mount

    NVS S Mount is a ruggedized helmet mount assembly (Rhino Style) providing the user with an easier, more comfortable mounting option when wearing the Night Vision Goggles or Night Vision Monoculars. This mount allows direct attachment of the goggle or monocular to the FAST Helmet or any other compatible Helmet with “VAS Shroud” installed.

  • TVS 11M Hard Case

    MIL-SPEC hard case for protection while transporting/storing unit and its standard delivery set.

  • TVS 2x Lens

    This 2x afocal add-on lens for TVS 11M significantly increases the device’s detection and recognition range capabilities when used.

  • TVS SE

    Shuttered eyepiece prevents light leakage from the TVS 11M's display while operating in the field.


    Picatinny accessory rail attachment for mounting peripheral devices to TVS 13M and TVS 12C.

  • TVSD

    Thermal HD Recorder, for use with all Newcon Optik TVS devices.