Newcon Optik is a world leader in the laser rangefinder field. Each of our highly ruggedized models utilizes advanced laser, electronic and optical technologies not only to measure distance, but to provide a variety of other geospatial target information.

In addition to having NATO target measurement ranges spanning 1,500 to 12,000 meters, many of our models can be used with our AndroidTM – based application, allowing for real-time target mapping and geospatial data communication via mobile phones and tablets.


  • SEEKER Hard Case

    MIL-SPEC hard case for protection while transporting/storing unit and its standard delivery set.

  • LRF Car Adapter

    Cigarette lighter adapter for LRM 3500M / LRB 6K / 12K /12KNIGHT.

  • LRF GPS Cable

    NSN#: 5995-20-011-6019

    For use with LRB 12K, 12KNIGHT and 6K; and LRB 4000CI and 6000CI. Connects devices to Rockwell Collins, DAGR, Polaris ™ and PLGR GPS receivers.

  • LRM Hard Case

    MIL-SPEC hard case for protection while transporting/storing unit and its standard delivery set.

  • LRF Smart Cable

    Connects LRM 3500M, LRB 12K, LRB 12KNIGHT or LRB 6K to the micro USB port of Android-based devices.

  • LRF AC/DC Adapter

    AC/DC Adapter for LRM 3500M / LRB 6K / 12K / 12KNIGHT.

  • NC SST3-3S Tripod

    The NC SST3-3S Tripod Model Tactical Tripod was selected by the US Army and US SOCOM for use in their ground target location systems. The NC SST3-3S Tripod is “amagnetic” and will not adversely influence any sensor device equipped with a digital magnetic compass. The NC SST3-3S Tripod is a rugged combat proven field tripod platform with a terrain-leveling gimbal that allows the user to adjust the position of the optical device for uneven terrain.

    This tripod is for use with a wide range of high magnification field optics, laser range finders, thermal cameras and night vision devices. The NC SST3-3S Tripod weighs approximately three pounds, has a versatile tripod head with a detachable base plate, multi-section mast, and a wide stable tripod base. The mast can be detached from the tripod base and used with an internal stored ground spike as a monopod. Constructed of high-strength, lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum alloys, the NC SST3-3S Tripod deploys quietly and provides rock solid stability. This field tripod design allows shooters to use field optics comfortably from the prone to sitting positions.

  • NVS U Coupler

    NSN#: 5855-20-011-6791

    NVS U Coupler is a clamp-on mechanical adapter with flip-out feature that provides the ability to attach a night vision monocular (NVS 14 /PVS 14) or goggles (NVS7/ PVS7) to various tactical daytime equipment such as Laser Range Finders, Spotting Scopes, Binoculars, Sniper Scopes, etc.