If you’ve found this page, you have probably bought some of our quality Newcon Optik product.

We are quite excited about this and want to do everything we possibly can to make your purchasing experience one that is convenient and agreeable.

Please choose the appropriate warranty card for your product.

Note: In the event that your product requires service, under the manufacturing warranty you must provide the repair department with verification of the unit’s purchase date, i.e. the receipt of purchase.


Please carefully read all RMA information points
before proceeding with your warranty/non-warranty
repair claim:

Obtaining RMA number

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number must be obtained from Newcon Optik prior to returning any product(s). All shipments without RMA will be rejected and sent back at customers expense.

Requirements for the successful RMA

  1. Proof of purchase (a clear copy of the original invoice or receipt) must be included.
  2. All returned product(s) should be marked with specific problem(s).
  3. Please do not ship back accessories (i.e. straps, manuals, etc.) unless you are returning goods for a pre-authorized Credit. In this case, please include all accessories in the package.

Failure to fulfill the above said requirements and/or without specifying problem(s) of the returned product(s) will result in the product(s) being returned to sender freight collect plus a handling charge of $30.00.

Required RMA shipment information

  1. All RMA shipments to NEWCON OPTIK must be pre-paid
  2. RMA number should be clearly marked on the label/box.
  3. Collect shipments will not be accepted.
  4. NEWCON OPTIK is not responsible for any losses/damages in transit.

RMA rejection information

If points (1) to (3) are not fulfilled, our Service Department will not process the RMA and will return the RMA product(s) to the customers collect.

Return shipping information

If the returned merchandise is covered by manufacturer’s warranty, NEWCON OPTIK will return repaired/replaced product(s) to customers using ground service at own expense.

Additional RMA information

When making inquiries via email or phone, always refer to your RMA number.

Newcon Optik will contact you if any questions arise

If some questions regarding warranty and non-warranty service persist before or after repair, NEWCON OPTIK will try to contact the customer by all known ways (telephone, fax, email, etc.). If the customer doesn’t respond within 30 days, the product(s) will be destroyed.

Please be sure to be available at via one service

Repairs information

All RMA product(s) will be replaced or repaired at our discretion within the terms and limits of the manufacturer’s warranty in the best timely manner.

Void warranty information (IMPORTANT)

If upon receiving and inspecting the product under warranty repair Newcon Optik will discover the following:

  1. Improper packaging
  2. physical damage
  3. alteration of serial numbers

The warranty will be VOID

Cost and charges information

NEWCON OPTIK charges repair of customer abused and non-warranty items at flat service rate $80 US per hour (1 hour minimum) plus the cost of replaced parts. The customer is obligated to pay the pre-determined price prior to actual repair. If the customer prefers to receive his out of warranty products unrepaired, the handling fee of $30 US plus shipping cost will be applied.

Unpaid articles will be destroyed after 30 days of storage (SEE section “Newcon Optik waill contact you if any questions arise)


Check here if you accept that information above is correct.