Newcon Optik is a world leader in the laser rangefinder field. Each of our highly ruggedized models utilizes advanced laser, electronic and optical technologies not only to measure distance, but to provide a variety of other geospatial target information.

In addition to having NATO target measurement ranges spanning 1,500 to 12,000 meters, many of our models can be used with our AndroidTM – based application, allowing for real-time target mapping and geospatial data communication via mobile phones and tablets.



    The SEEKER M is a specially designed multi-purpose mountable laser rangefinder which can be a vital tool for various operations. This device can be mounted and aligned with any optical system including weapon sights and can be integrated with various purpose built platforms. The device incorporates the newest laser rangefinding technologies to help the operator not only seek the target, but also, based on compass and inclinometer indications.

    The SEEKER M also features a visible laser system which helps with referencing and adjustments. High strength materials as well as ergonomic control placement make this rugged device efficient and user friendly. Users can now communicate with the SEEKER M using Newcon Optik’s new NC Cronus app, and other Ballistic apps.


    This device is compatible with:

    Android™      Bluetooth™      Ballistic app      NC Cronus™      CivTAK/ATAK