All optical parts in high-end Newcon Optik devices are made of fully multi-coated glass using precise machinery of well-known brands. The main distinguishing feature of our daytime optics is the usage of fast glass lenses.

Our professional binoculars are in service with many militaries throughout the world. All binocular models are very durable and can work when competing brands fail. Optional lenses, that are sold separately extend the functionality of our devices. Spotting scopes and telescopes delight nature lovers.


  • IRIL 1000M

    The IRIL series of IR laser illuminators light up the night sky for those wearing image intensified night vision devices. The IRIL 1000M is designed to reach out to extreme distances to aid in target identification and engagement from ground and air based platforms. The unit boasts adjustable beam divergence between 2 and 60 mrad allowing for use as either an infrared laser pointer or illuminator. Equipped with a Picatinny quick release mount, the IRIL 1000M can be mounted on virtually any rifle platform, or crew-served weapon system. With extreme long maximum ranges (approximately 25 kilometers at 2 mrad), the IRIL 1000M provides significant optical advantage to professional night operators. This is a Class IV laser product.

  • LAM 3G

    The LAM 3G is a multi-laser aiming system equipped with collimated visible and IR lasers designed to reach out to 2,000m. Built-in IR illuminator and IR aiming laser provide covert tactical precision when paired with night vision devices. Features an adjustable IR illuminator for better illumination at longer ranges, dual activation switches and high/low power modes ensures appropriate laser intensity during training exercises. With a quick-release M1913 mount, the LAM 3G is among the lightest aimers in its class and is the right choice for professional operators demanding unrivaled performance and reliability. The unit is constructed of high-strength aluminum and can withstand rigors of tactical life on virtually any weapon platform.

  • LAM 4G

    The LAM 4G is an all-in-one aiming and illumination system for rifles and machine guns. A 4-channel device, the LAM 4G includes a visible green laser and LED flashlight, IR aiming laser and IR illuminator.


  • LAM 3G Hard Case

    These MIL-SPEC hard cases can hold your LAM 3G comfortably and securely.


    Hard water proof military standard cases.
    These high grade hard cases can hold any of your thermal devices, night vision systems, laser range finder systems as well as other tactical devices along with all their accessories comfortably and securely.