Thermal Imagers allow one to see the smallest gradation in surrounding objects’ temperatures regardless of external light conditions. With the help of Newcon Optik Thermal Imagers, you can find a human under snow avalanche, notice a foe behind a bush, detect bad contact in a high-voltage line, and do much more.



    Hard water proof military standard cases.
    These high grade hard cases can hold any of your thermal devices, night vision systems, laser range finder systems as well as other tactical devices along with all their accessories comfortably and securely.

  • NVS 3x Lens

    These high performance 5x lenses easily mount to the objective lens of many night vision devices. The lenses can be threaded or snapped onto the objective lenses, depending on the lens magnification. Each unit includes a convenient flip-up objective lens cover, removable rear lens cap and carrying case. Each NVS lens is water resistant.


    • Soft carrying case
    • Lens cover
    • Cleaning cloth
  • TVS 13M Hard Case

    MIL-SPEC hard case for protection while transporting/storing unit and its standard delivery set.


    Picatinny accessory rail attachment for mounting peripheral devices to TVS 13M

  • TVSCW Mount


  • TVSD

    Thermal HD Recorder