Newcon Optik began life in Toronto in 1992 when company founder, Michael Beker, incorporated it and established manufacturing, exporting and sales operations with a view to building a successful supplier of electro-optical equipment.  Initially, Newcon Optik focused on supplying the consumer market with early generation night vision and day optics suitable for use by hunters, outdoorsmen, recreational and industrial users.  But Mr. Beker wasn’t satisfied supplying only the consumer market; he wanted to provide hand-held, head, helmet and weapon-mounted electro-optics to the most sophisticated, most demanding end-users, namely military and law enforcement institutions and agencies around the world.

As part of Newcon Optik’s commitment to enable the most sophisticated end-users to meet their operational needs and achieve their mission objectives, we expanded our scope of product expertise beyond traditional night vision to include production of relevant complementary equipment including, thermal imaging, laser range finders, day optics and other tactical optics.   In order to achieve that mission, Newcon Optik committed to developing a first class engineering capability and to deliver cutting edge equipment to rival that of the other leading suppliers.  Within a very short period of time, Newcon Optik had become one of the most exciting innovators and developers of state-of-the-art, military grade night vision, thermal imaging, laser rangefinder and tactical/day optics anywhere in the world.

Today, Newcon Optik is one of the most respected names in electro-optics and is a renowned leader in the design and manufacture of thermal imagers, night vision systems, laser rangefinders, laser aimers and tactical day optics.  Of particular note is our hard-won place as being the Gold Standard for production of world class, hand-held, helmet and weapon-mounted laser rangefinders and rangefinder modules for OEM integration.

Working directly with institutional customers around the world, with international organizations, such as the United Nations, with the Canadian Commercial Corporation, which represents Canada in international government to government transactions, and winning public tenders in all corners of the globe, Newcon Optik has consistently increased sales year in and year out and is anticipating continued growth and success for the foreseeable future.

Newcon Optik has been recognized by our customers, industry associations, professional advisors, regulators and the business community at large, as being an outstanding operator.  Most recently, among other accolades, Newcon Optik was distinguished by being named one of “Canada’s Best Managed Companies” and also by being awarded the Ontario Export Award.

With R & D, production and assembly, logistics and sales based in Toronto, Canada facilities, Newcon Optik’s network or dealers, distributors, agents and channel partners is present on six continents and its products are relied upon by military, government and commercial customers in more than 70 countries. By working closely with our customers and partners, Newcon Optik consistently produces technologically advanced products that serve the needs of the military, law enforcement, search & rescue, surveillance, and marine professional users around the globe.

Newcon Optik: Always innovating, relying on cutting edge technology, providing the best value, conducting ourselves honourably and with the highest ethical standards.