In the article “Breaking out of the Canadian bubble: why exporting is a critical strategy” published by Canadian Manufacturing Online, Newcon Optik’s President and CEO, Peter Biro, discusses Newcon Optik and how export affects Canadian manufacturers.

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Peter Biro is the CEO of Newcon Optik, a Toronto-based manufacturer of military laser and optics technology. Nearly 97 per cent of his company’s revenue comes from exporting.

“That has a lot to do with the nature of the equipment we make,” Biro said. “It’s not that there isn’t a need for it in Canada, it’s that you couldn’t make a living in the Canadian market alone. For us to start up, the market was somewhere else to begin with.”

“There’s all kinds of problems and challenges that are invited by the ambition of doing business outside (Canada), but the reason you do it is because that’s where the business is,” Biro said.

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