All optical parts in high-end Newcon Optik devices are made of fully multi-coated glass using precise machinery of well-known brands. The main distinguishing feature of our daytime optics is the usage of fast glass lenses.

Our professional binoculars are in service with many militaries throughout the world. All binocular models are very durable and can work when competing brands fail. Optional lenses, that are sold separately extend the functionality of our devices. Spotting scopes and telescopes delight nature lovers.


  • SIB 16x40WP

    The SIB 16x40WP gyro stabilized binocular incorporates gyroscopic image stabilization technology that enables the user to observe distant objects from moving platforms without image resolution degradation caused by mechanical vibration or natural hand tremor. Combining fully coated optics with a high-speed gyro stabilizing system, the SIB 16X40WP binoculars are the ultimate instrument for long-range observation, tracking and surveillance.



    Hard water proof military standard cases.
    These high grade hard cases can hold any of your thermal devices, night vision systems, laser range finder systems as well as other tactical devices along with all their accessories comfortably and securely.