Designed for OEM integration, Newcon Optik’s LRF MICRO CI laser rangefinder module provides accurate measurements for fire control systems, industrial machinery, border surveillance stations, weapon mounted systems and countless other applications. The MICRO CI unit is barely larger than a deck of cards. The LRF MICRO CI is one of four members of the MICRO family (MICRO, MICRO 1550, MICRO 1550 CI).

The unit ranges accurately out to 5.500m (2,000 to NATO target). The MICRO CI utilizes a 1550nm laser that cannot be seen by image intensified night vision systems, making it ideal for defense applications. The module supports the USB interface. Other features include gating capability, fast scan mode, speed measurement, and object selection, among others.

2,000 metre range
Distance, Azimuth and Elevation measurements
Incorporation into various platforms
Laser information
Eye Safety Class 1, eye-safe
Wavelength (nm) 905
Specified measurement range (m):
Vehicle-size NATO target, 2.3×2.3m, albedo 0.3 2,000
Human-size NATO target, 1.0×1.0m, albedo 0.1 1,000
Conditions: Visibility ±15 km
Distance measurement accuracy (m) ±1
Azimuth measurement accuracy (°) ±1
Inclination measurement accuracy (°) ±1
Beam divergence, mrad 3.2×0.8
Speed detection Yes
Measuring time, distance (sec) 0.1
Simultaneously detected targets Multiple
First/last target logic Yes
Gating capability Yes
Gating step (m) 100
Mechanics, Electronics & Environmental
Dimensions without compass (mm) 88x48x30
Weight (g) 120 (CI)
Interface UART / USB
Power source 5 – 15V DC
Operating temperature -40°C … +50°C
Storage temperature -40°C … +60°C