LRB 20,000C

The LRB 20,000C is designed for ground surveillance, target observation and distance measurement out to 20,000m. This rangefinder employs a proven time-of-flight delay algorithm to ensure accuracy and a single strong impulse to minimize exposure time.

With an optional angular mount both can also measure horizontal angles and magnetic azimuth as well as vertical angles. The result of distance measurements is displayed through the eyepiece and can be transferred for processing via computer output. The unit can also be remotely triggered via RS-232.

This robust rangefinder can be used in defense, geological and engineering surveying, construction and repair works, maritime navigation, meteorology and other activities that require accurate long range distance measuring.

20,000 metre range
Distance, Azimuth and Elevation measurements
Extreme long range
Magnification (x) 7
Objective lens diameter (mm) 45
Field of view (°) 6.7
Eye relief (mm) 18
Diopter adjustment range ±4

Eye safety

Class IIIb, training filters available

Wavelength (nm)


Measuring distance range (m)*

100 – 20,000

Azimuth measurement accuracy (°) 1

Inclination measurement accuracy (°)


First/last target logic

Peripheral compatibility PC, Angular Mount

Meters/yards display


Computer output, type


Low battery indicator

Mechanics, Electronics & Environmental

Dimensions (mm)


Weight without batteries (g)


Power Supply

12-14.5V DC or 22-29V DC

Battery life (# of measurements)


Operating temperature range (°C)

-40 to +55

Storage temperature range (°C) -40 to +55
Waterproofing MIL-STD-810G, Method 506.5

*2.3×2.3m NATO standard target

 ang mount
ANG Mount LRB 20,000 Tripod
NVS Coupler Training Filters